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Specialising in the growth of teacher competencies and helping teachers improve their work, the SADTU Curtis Nkondo Professional Development Institute (SCNPDI), has been one of the leading vehicles for teacher professional development within the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU).

Since its establishment in 2010, SCNPDI has trained over 109 000 teachers, it understands the teachers need in the classroom, and has contributed to addressing these needs.

A growing view that teachers need support in a broad range of domains that extend within and beyond their core responsibilities has been the core value of SCNPDI. The institute has significantly contributed to quality teaching and learning of teachers. It has collaborated with several entities and stakeholders for a better understanding of the teacher professional development landscape.

By researching and innovating in teacher development, the institute is focusing on enabling the teacher to function at a much higher level than they currently are functioning. The institute recently held training in Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, North West, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. The training took place over three days at different venues across provinces and concluded in the middle of March 2019. Following discussion with the Department of Education (DBE) on priority training areas and the successes experienced with similar training, the institute supported the programme on National Senior Certificate Accounting (FET) and Mathematics in Grade 4-7. The institute recognised the need to support accounting because of poor learner success rate and declining enrolment in this subject. The training is a response to strengthening the subjects at the school level.

In addition, the DBE relaxed the condition to take Accounting and Mathematics, which meant that more learners are expected to enrol in accounting. In the longer term, addressing Mathematics needs in Grade 4-7 could indirectly support improvement in related subjects like sciences, technology, accounting, and economics among others.

In upskilling and developing teacher capacity across the board for future success, SADTU and SCNPDI continue to innovate and experiment to move the quality of education forward. It is without a doubt that the institute acknowledges the magnitude of the teacher development needs and constraints that limit growth and development in this area. With this view in mind, it is the institute’s strength to support small-scale interventions and to engage in some innovation programmes. The identified programmes offered by the SCNPDI focusses on strengthening the system widely by developing a strong cohort of “lead teachers” who will use their existing knowledge and expertise in cascading training to their branches and schools. This methodology also allows for a longer-term systemic view and impact in reaching teachers at every level and across all spheres in South Africa. The approach also identifies that short term interventions for only a few teachers will not move the “needle” on quality teacher professional development and that teachers must lead this process through identified structures on the ground. SCNPDI has a range of teacher development programmes which go on to contribute towards national priorities such as:The National Development Plan,the National Skills Development Framework, the Department of Education Teacher Development Priorities, National Strategy on Learner Attainment, and DBE Action Plans.

Lastly, SCNPDI continues to guide its work through research and development work within the organisation and by drawing from valuable work done at other entities including the Department of Education and universities.

Confirmed attendees and provinces



Confirmed Attendees

Mathematics 4-7



NSC: Accounting

KwaZulu Natal


NSC: Accounting


NSC: Accounting



NSC: Accounting

KwaZulu Natal


Grade 4-7 Maths



Grade 4-7 Maths

North West


Grade 4-7 Maths

Western Cape


Grade 4-7 Maths

Eastern Cape




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