About Curtis Nkondo

Curtis Nkondo was a South African  school teacher, diplomat  and  politician. He started his career as a High School teacher and eventually became a Headmaster. Nkondo served on various bodies, such as the Association Against Woman and Child Abuse, the Etwatwa Community Trust, the Soweto Education Coordinating Committee, the National Education Union of South Africa and the ANC Gauteng Disciplinary Committee.

Nkondo also became the first deputy president of SADTU at its launch in 1990. He dedicated his life to fighting for better quality education for all.

“He remains a role model to all educational professionals as he went above and beyond the call of duty.”

Establishing the SCNPDI

SADTU’s vision for 2030 includes promoting a development oriented nation state and improving the teacher's contribution to the broader national development discourse, including nation building. In this vision, teachers are seen as being central to the development imperatives as set out in the National Development Plan, the Millennium Development Goals and allied development programmes. SADTU recognises that this commitment emphasises the need to drive an agenda of professionalising the teaching occupation.

This is the ideal that led to the 2010 SADTU National Congress resolution to establish the SADTU Curtis Nkondo Professional Development Institute.

The SCNPDI was launched on 4 May 2013 in Polokwane. In his address at the launch, then Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said "Today, by launching this Union's Curtis Nkondo Professional Development Institute you have sent all of us an unequivocal message that teachers are willing and able to take responsibility for their own professional development."

The SCNPDI is committed to realising the vision of a learning nation by promoting teacher learning using the best teaching methods, teacher-based research and nation-building materials targeting both teachers and learners. In today’s resources- and results-driven digital age, it is critical that teaching professionals are backed by proper facilitation and education skills. 

Teacher professional development through the SCNPDI is SADTU’s contribution to supporting government in achieving the national development aims. Read more on teacher professionalisation.

Work with us

Get in touch with the SCNPDI to partner with us and help grow teachers and improve teacher professionalisation. At SCNPDI, we’re committed to the facilitation of economic growth and development.

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